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Moms, Dads, Caregivers and Patients...

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ADHD without MEDS


Often, there is a level of frustration in patients and parents because you have already been told you that “where you are at today” is as good as it gets. You are tired of the judgement in public when your child acts out. You have been told that the symptoms of ADHD need to be managed and they’re not going away any time soon. Drugs are often used to improve behaviors but have very unpleasant side effects and you know that… but this is your only option.


You have also been told repeatedly that symptoms like abdominal pain, lack of appetite, irritability, and insomnia  are often ignored and just thought of as par for the course due to those medication side effects. 


In your heart you do not want your child dependent on medication forever - but, if you are truly honest with yourself, you do not want your child to be dependent on YOU forever!

Let's see those Superpowers

What if you could discover for yourself or your child the innate abilities and power to live life to its fullest potential. Sometimes we need to overcome health challenges like ADHD in order to share our gifts with the world. It is a whole lot easier to discover and pursue your dream with good health.


So what if you could develop the tools to really enhance your family’s quality of life. What would that “PEACE” actually look like? For most it is something like this:


Your child is having stable moods all day- no meltdowns or evenings full of irritability when the medication wears off. Your child is behaving well no matter where he is at. Your child is learning and performing well in school without being singled out as needing extra help for her behavior and attention problems. Your family has less stress and anxiety to the point where you are able to enjoy family activities. Your child actually smiles, plays happily, and is proud of himself.


The Missing Link...

This program is like no other program available. We don’t just teach you how to reverse the symptoms of ADHD without medications, but we teach you about MINDSET - which will be a valuable tool that you can incorporate in all aspects of your life. 


We have Good News and Bad News for You

The good news is that YOU and your family can absolutely achieve this. You can see dramatic improvement in behaviors and self-esteem - and all of this is really under your control. We can teach you what we have learned and eliminate all of the confusion. 


But what’s the bad news - if there is good news? There really isn’t any unless you stay in your current circumstances - stuck, frustrated, disappointed, sad, and angry that you or your child has to “deal” with the lifelong symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and total disorganization (just to name a few). Why settle for the bad news when you really can achieve a higher quality of life?

Who we are:

Jessica Hutchins, MD and Daniel Neides, MD, MBA

A brief introduction…

We are Dr. Jessica Hutchins and Dr. Dan Neides, the co-founders of Inspire Wellness, a Functional Medicine practice in Beachwood, Ohio. Dr. Jessica practiced OB/GYN for 8 years before starting her Functional Medicine practice. She is one of a handful of people in the entire world who are board certified in OB/GYN and certified in Functional Medicine. Having recovered her own child from autism, she is a fearlessly dedicated physician who wants to help all of her patients with chronic diseases identify the root cause, restore the body back to its equilibrium, and help them to achieve a higher quality of life.


Dr. Dan has been practicing medicine since 1995 as a board certified Family Medicine physician. He began to practice Functional Medicine in 2013 while he was Chief Operating Officer of the Wellness Institute at The Cleveland Clinic, where he practiced for 22 years before starting his own Functional Medicine practice. Dr. Dan is passionate about helping patients reduce or eliminate pharmaceuticals by teaching them the lifestyle pillars that will lead them to success - nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep hygiene, and loving kindness. By focusing on these pillars, patients achieve a much higher quality of life - and that is the ultimate reward for any medical provider!


So there you have it. Two Functional Medicine providers who are here to help you and your family overcome major health (and life) obstacles - just like we had to overcome with our own family members. 

This online program is like nothing else you can find - ANYWHERE. We are not just passionate caregivers who want the best for you and your family. We have both dealt with children with ADHD and know what works and what doesn’t. 

We have developed this program for people who want to take control of their lives and not simply adhere to the current medical establishment of pharmaceuticals for all - or as we call it - poorer living through chemistry. Changing your mindset, not just for this condition, is as critical to your success as anything else. Who else is offering to teach you about mindset? NOBODY - and that is where we separate from the pack. Guiding you through these mindset changes will be as powerful as anything else you will learn about ADHD. In addition, we will help you tailor the treatment specifically to you or your child’s needs with our “live Q&A sessions”.  And we will provide you with the secrets to breakthrough the common challenges or pitfalls that most families face.


Dr. Neides

​ADHD without MEDS

We would like to invite you to this 8 weeks online course/coaching program that will give you the relief you are looking for.


These are the unique features offer online course -  ADHD without MEDS:

  • 8 weeks of webinars
  • An entire week dedicated to mindset
  • How to determine which nutritional recommendations are right 
  • How to reduce or eliminate inflammation that drives chronic disease
  • The best ways to help the body detoxify
  • Written action steps for each week
  • How to troubleshoot future setbacks and symptoms
  • How to put your “oxygen mask” on first as parents


  • 2 LIVE online Q&A sessions      


Only an $999 investment (less than the cost of 3 office visits with us)...


However, we want you to get started right away and are offering a $250 discount when you sign up. So now you are getting ALL OF THIS for only a $749 investment in your and/or your child's future!


That's Right - $749 gets you started on the road to support, piece of mind and an end to the daily side effects and struggles!!


Why Wait? Start your family's wellness journey now!

I want you to seriously ask yourself - what is really going to change this school year for your child or, if this is for you, how is life going to get any easier with less daily hurdles to overcome? How can anyone expect to see a higher quality of life without the skills and mindset to get you there? Most people never learn this information because most physicians either didn’t learn it themselves or don’t have the time to discuss it with you. This is why most families dealing with ADHD struggle every day to find peace and happiness. 


We need to be very clear about this final point - there is no “magic bullet” to make all of your challenges go away. There will be work on your part and you will face “inner blocks” that have prevented you from achieving success. But…. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves, learn new, transformative skills, and take action in your life instead of watching things “happen to you”, we will be here for you making sure you have all of the right tools to be successful. 


We totally get it that making a decision like this can be scary... and there is  a part of us that endlessly delays stepping up, being bold, and moving forward with what matters most in this life.  This is one of those moments where it is time to step into your greatness.  You are here for a reason. If it feels "risky" to invest in yourself or your child, does it not also feel risky to keep doing the same thing and NOT getting the help you need?  


Ultimately, that will cost you a lot more in the long run than $749.  Trust your intuition.  Move in the direction of your purpose... and don't let fear keep you caged in limitation any longer.  You will LOVE this online course, the community of people you meet virtually, and your personal transformation!

100% money back guarantee

We offer a 30 day refund for ADHD without MEDS.  The only condition we have is that you shoot us an email proving that you did the work.  We want people who are CLEAR this is a great fit and are committed to taking action and getting great results.  If you show up and do the work and aren't pleased with this course, by all means we will give you a refund.  

In accordance with FTC guidelines, we can not guarantee a specific result will occur from taking this program.  The clients who get the best results are open-minded, resourceful, and take action.  

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